Diagnostics and monitoring

Proven reliability, experience and customer track record of INPIRIO in gas turbines has resulted in partnership with Končar Institute, a leading electrical, transport and energy company based in Zagreb, Croatia. This cooperation allows current INPIRIO customers to benefit from development of tailored-made products & services. The main target areas are diagnostics and monitoring of thermal and electrical part of the GTCC power stations.

Machine Condition Monitoring

Rotating machines are one of the most important and most valuable components in the power system. Equipping rotating machines with systems for condition monitoring allows for:

  • Higher machine availability
  • Improved safety of service and no unplanned outages or dead times
  • Longer service life
  • Early fault detection
  • Better resource (time, human, capital) management

As a result, customer benefits from predictive maintenance and adequate risk assessment.

System Features

  • Modular design to fit every machine or plant
  • Reliable hardware
  • Complex software solutions
  • Up-to-date measurement instrumentation and techniques
  • Certified measurement chains
  • Solutions based on many years of experience