Inpirio Spares Gate

 “Spares Gate”, developed by INPIRIO in 2013. is an internet-based exchange platform allows interconnection of users and cost-efficient acquisition of quality spare parts. The platform is based on customer need to obtain reliable spare parts available elsewhere in the world in an economical but expeditious way.

The platform main focus is worldwide provisioning of power generating equipment and components at favourable costs. Upon request, the products are accompanied by a quality assurance and performance warranty issued by INPIRIO.

In general, the “Spares Gate” platform allows user to browse and identify adequate spare parts. More specific components are made available upon customer request to INPIRIO. To this end, we will evaluate and identify appropriate spare parts & equipment worldwide, and make them available through the platform.

To minimise quality and performance risk for our customers, INPIRIO offers to carry out detailed technical and quality inspection of the spare parts and equipment before purchasing. The quality assurance process is finalised by issuance of an adequate guarantee and complete documentation for the purchased components.

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